The S.A.V.E. Member Program is for those who are in Paris, both locals and international visitors


Classroom & Online Workshops

We offer a selection of online and classroom workshops each month where our members can learn about humanitarian, environmental and social topics pertinent to today’s challenges.  We also offer 2 monthly workshops for S.A.V.E. Members who are participating in S.A.V.E. Capstone Projects.  There is a workshop on finding purpose in volunteering and a workshop focused on ‘coexisting’ together in our city and collaborating on social impact ideas and projects.   We aim to make our  S.A.V.E. workshops fun, interactive and engaging.


Volunteer Activities

Our volunteering activities in Paris occur at least 4 days a week, where we do a variety of humanitarian projects and support programs for the less-privileged.  Food and other items (hygiene products, clothes, survival needs) are distributed each week, our ‘Work for Refugees’ program, integration events, language support (English and French) and our P.A.I.R. program for refugees are offered every week.  Our beneficiaries are refugees, the homeless, the elderly and their families.   We are grateful for the help of our team of international volunteers and SAVE Members.


Community Events

Serve The City Paris offers at least one event per month, throughout the year for our volunteers, or just for S.A.V.E members.  Our events are a great chance for our volunteers and our refugee community to connect and grow together.  The events are designed to help boost integration between international volunteers and Paris based refugees.  Events include dinners together, dancing events, sports events, a pub quiz, language exchange events, holiday events, picnics and other fun events throughout the year.   Our events can be transformational when two strangers connect for the first time.  Events result in a closer community among volunteers in the the city of Paris.


Developing Your Capstone Project

Working with others, or developing your own S.A.V.E. Capstone project is a way for our volunteers to engage in action together on ideas for our cities and communities.  The goal is to create synergy among our volunteers who have a passion for creating impact or change.    We collaborate on improving existing Serve The City projects, or creating new Capstone projects using our process, tools, exercises or case studies to help make ideas tangible before we test them in the field with our fellow volunteer peers.    Big ideas can result from Capstone Projects, which can be then presented, implemented in the field, posted on our social media channels, and shared with other STC chapters internationally.   Put your ideas in motion!



For the 9 years STCP has been in existence, our team has developed strong best practices and lessons learned about bringing social impact ideas to life and turning them into sustainable projects.  The SAVE lab is a possible next step after the completion of your SAVE program.  It provides tools, a process, coaching and collaboration between SAVE Lab Members.  We then validate and test our ideas before the option of promoting them through our social media channels.


Certification & Testimonial

The SAVE Member Program also provides a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Testimonial signed by the Executive Director, to compliment a CV or for credit for school or work to help our S.A.V.E. Members advance their careers in today’s competitive job market.  Companies and schools are always looking for a more well rounded candidate, who has proof and a testimonial to the time & energy dedicated to volunteering, understanding inclusive culture & diversity, and helping those in need.

What we offer?

If you live in Paris, The S.A.V.E. Member Program is designed to make our volunteers more impactful and to ensure our volunteer experiences are more meaningful.  Collaboration is key with other volunteers during and outside regular scheduled Serve The City volunteer activities.   S.A.V.E. program participants work together in workshops or activities to create social impact.   In some cases, we help volunteers advance their own social impact ideas, movements or projects.

The S.A.V.E program platform with collaboration sessions, process, tools, case studies and expertise to help our volunteers grow as volunteers, create social impact and even help volunteers find more purpose in volunteering.   There is no fee to participate in the S.A.V.E. program and the time commitment is completely based on the schedules of our volunteers.    As a participant in the S.A.V.E. program, you collaborate with other Serve The City Paris volunteers on S.A.V.E Capstone Projects to improve existing volunteer activities, or develop new social impact projects for the city of Paris.  The program eventually creates more knowledgeable and effective volunteers,  and new creative social impact initiatives that many times go beyond current Serve The City volunteering activities.

To complete the S.A.V.E. program, we ask each participate to volunteer for at least 32 hours in Paris or your own city, while taking at least 4 of our SAVE workshops offered a minimum 3x per month.  Participants also have the option to collaborate with others on a S.A.V.E. Capstone project, or develop a their own S.A.V.E. Capstone project.

Each SAVE program participants who completes the SAVE program in Paris or abroad, will receive the following:

  1. Exercises to help you find and maintain your unique purpose and motivation for volunteering.
  2. Guidance to develop your own Capstone Project or collaborate on other S.A.V.E. Capstone Projects.
  3. Advocate your social initiatives among other volunteers and Serve the City’s social network internationally.
  4. Connect with like-minded S.A.V.E. volunteers to co-create social impact projects
  5. Access to unlimited (on-line and in-person) workshops
  6. Exclusive Invitations to S.A.V.E. member-only workshops, events and S.A.V.E. conferences.
  7. Participation in S.A.V.E. member-only volunteer activities.
  8. An opportunity to further develop a Capstone Project through our SAVE Lab, to bring a social impact idea to a reality.
  9. Receive a Serve the City “Certificate of Completion” and a Letter of Testimonial signed by the STCP Executive Director.

2-Step Application Process

The program application takes two steps.  First, we ask volunteers to complete the S.A.V.E. application form.   Once this form is completed, new S.A.V.E. members receive the ‘S.A.V.E. Welcome Kit’ and there is an opportunity to register for our ‘New Volunteer and Learn about S.A.V.E. Workshop’ offered every month.

Please feel free to contact us at save@servethecity.paris if your have further questions.

*There is a monthly €10 Euro donation fee to become a Serve The City Paris volunteer.  Once you donation fee is paid, there is no charge to participate in the S.A.V.E. Program and all STCP volunteer activities .   The fee is recorded as a tax free ‘donation’ that goes towards the administration and support of all Serve the City humanitarian programs, activities, courses and expenses related to humanitarian needs in Paris.  You may cancel your participation at any time.