Developing your Capstone Project

Developing your own Capstone Project is all about engaging in a process of cultivating a unique insight, idea, or action that leads to positive social change.  As a member of the SAVE network, you are invited to investigate your own personal purpose and define your mission as a volunteer.
Through the creative process and guided framework of developing your own project or working with others, we offer an environment for you to become a change agent of our world with great influence, clear vision, and grit.


The deliverables of the SAVE Capstone Project allow our members to demonstrate their understandings through participating in exclusive workshops and priority invitations to some of our special initiative activities.  There are three outcomes for working on a Capstone Project.  First, to help our members to identify their unique purpose and talents for best serving the world.  Second,  leverage what the network offers (process, tools, exercises, feedback from others, case studies, and best practices) to create sustainable social impact initiatives.   Lastly, continously reflect upon the complexity of our current humanitarian and environmental challenges.


Here are examples of deliverables that can result from working on a Capstone Project…

    • A personal assessment and reflection that helps answer the question about our purpose and reason for driving social impact.
    • Insights and findings resulting from specific research of a current issue.
    • The opportunity to share your expertise or knowledge on social impact for the community.
    • The ability to bring a social impact idea or project to reality.


*Supporting formats/expressions such as poetry, video, photo-essay, painting, song, performance, action-proposal and any type of expressions are more than welcome as a final outcome of the Capstone project


Guiding Questions

The following are some guiding questions to help you to kick off thinking about the content for your project:


SAVE (Service, Action, Volunteer, Empowerment)

    • SERVICE: Why is service important for our community? What have we learned through participating in previous volunteer activities?  Does our volunteering make a difference? Why serve? 


    • ACTION: Why is action important? Why should we work on the front line of humanitarian and environmental issues to solve these problems?   What are the consequences (time, money, other priorities, family, etc) if we decide to take action? 


    • VALUES: What is our purpose in volunteering. What have we learned about your own values while volunteering and why are these important to us? How do we define success, and how do we define significance?  How can we best use our true values to make an impact and change in society?  


    • EMPOWERMENT:   Volunteering has created in each of us a level of confidence, a purpose, compassion, and determination. How can we take these attributes and use them to make change and impact?    Where, when, and how do we start driving change and impact and how can we use what we have learned to empower others to take action as well? 



The Capstone Project can be submitted to receive a SAVE Certificate and Letter of Testimonial for work credit, school credit or for your CV (for job searching).  Big ideas that come out from the Capstone Project may be recommended into our SAVE lab program or publicized through our social media channels, and through over 100+ Serve the City International chapters worldwide.


Publication of works 

With your permission, we will ask for the publishing of any great Capstone Project to post through social media networks or to be saved in our database for future use.  These ideas and projects can help others with their projects, and to help generate ideas for new future Capstone Projects.   They will also help promote the SAVE network among our followers and donors, demonstrating what this change-agent platform can do for our international communities.