We can’t just Serve The City,… we need to SAVE our city

Join SAVE and learn how to be a better volunteer, make your volunteering more impactful and your volunteering experience more meaningful.    Gain knowledge through a series of workshops and volunteer activities, and collaborate with other SAVE member volunteers on social impact projects that SAVE our cities, one project at a time.


To participate in every day Serve the City volunteer activities, all new volunteers are required to take at least 1 SAVE Workshop before volunteering (or within 30 days of volunteering).

SAVE Workshops offered on-line (and post-Covid, in cafe’s across Paris).   Workshops are offered at least 3 x per month with different humanitarian and volunteering related subject matter each month.

Or, join the SAVE Network to receive all SAVE workshops at no extra cost, participate in SAVE Member-only volunteer activities, and work with fellow SAVE team members on social impact projects.


The payment for a single SAVE workshop is 20 Euros.

The payment for the complete SAVE program is 75 Euros.

Both payments are tax-deductible donations, which go directly to supporting STCP  humanitarian programs for the marginalized.