We offer unique core workshops taught by leading international professionals, that complement each other to give you a broad insight into the current humanitarian and environmental issues that cities face, as well as having the chance to develop the key skills necessary to have social impact. Participants must take each workshop to receive the SAVE Social Impact Certification. 

Workshops currently take place on different days and different times, to allow for the most flexible schedule. You can sign up to a workshop on the SAVE website. Please note that there is a workshop fee of 20 euros per workshop if you are not participating SAVE Program.

Learn about the S.A.V.E. Program

It is important more than ever to learn about the current humanitarian crisis, sustainability issues, and dig deep into your own unique mission. And not to mention, make things happen through real-life actions. Hosted by at least 2 of our S.A.V.E. Facilitators, you will have an opportunity to learn about how to become an empowered […]

Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

This workshop is designed for volunteers who wish to start their own non-profit NGO, social impact project, or just have a great idea for social change. What is required to be a social entrepreneur and what does it take to lead volunteers?  How do you start your own non-profit NGO, or social impact project?    How […]

Refugee Situation in Europe

Taught by one of the Serve the City Paris team leaders Peter DeWit,  this seminar encourages participants to reflect on the lives and struggles of the people they are helping during the programme. The seminar has two main components, the first being a detailed account of the journey that refugees take to come to Europe. […]

Diversity and Integration

Taught by Diversity and Integration expert Juan E. Marcos, this workshop encourages participants to rethink their perspective on diversity and integration, and to helps us better thrive with foreigners in big cities.  Juan takes us on a journey of self re-evaluation, and encourages students to reflect on your own cultural background and the way we […]

Sustainable Design and the Environment

Taught by Ignazio Mottola, a Professor of Sustainable Design of 3 schools in Paris, this workshop provides intriguing insights into the world of sustainable design, all in the context of  large cities such as Paris.   The interactive workshop discusses architecture in big cities, and also the way in which we design products, our systems and […]

Cultivating Ideas to Provoke Social Change

Taught by Carrie So, founder of CO-Happening, you will learn how to freshen up your perspectives, begin the necessary process to challenge your own assumptions and finding new meanings with others. The world is changing quickly. Our full capacity to face uncertainty, interpret our surroundings smartly and make great relevant decisions are keys to become […]