We offer unique workshops each week on subjects relating to creating social impact.  S.A.V.E workshops range in subject matter, and include subjects on volunteering,  humanitarian subjects, environmental issues, cultural issues, leadership development and entrepreneurship, …all related to social impact for our cities.



The S.A.V.E. workshops are either facilitated by SME (subject matter expert), and in many cases, by our S.A.V.E member volunteers who develop social impact projects while volunteering with Serve The City Paris.



The workshops are usually very interactive, with the intent for the presenter to be a ‘facilitator’ of a discussion around the social impact topic.   Our S.A.V.E. volunteers then provide feedback, ideas and insights on the presenter’s project and complement each other through dialog and collaboration.



S.A.V.E. Workshops take place at least 3 times per week, every Tuesday evening at the Columbia University Reid Hall campus in Paris 75006, or online (using ZOOM) for our international S.A.V.E. volunteer participants.   All STCP volunteers can sign up for a workshop on the STCP events calendar.   There is no fee for participating in a S.A.V.E. workshop, providing the participant has registered as a STCP volunteer (HERE), and has paid the 10 euro participation fee to volunteer with Serve The City Paris.

New Volunteer Training & S.A.V.E. Program Workshop

This workshop covers the necessities of volunteering with Serve The City Paris.    Volunteering is not just about giving time.  It’s also important to understand what impact we are providing, why we are volunteering, who we are helping, and what are the best practices of volunteering before joining our fellow volunteers in the streets of […]

Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

This workshop is designed for volunteers who wish to start their own non-profit NGO, social impact project, or just have a great idea for social change. What is required to be a social entrepreneur and what does it take to lead volunteers?  How do you start your own non-profit NGO, or social impact project?    How […]

Refugee Crisis in Europe

Facilitated by one of the Serve the City Paris team leaders,  this workshop encourages participants to reflect on the lives and struggles of the beneficiaries we are helping at Serve The City Paris.   The seminar has two main components, the first being a detailed account of the journey that refugees take to come to Europe.  […]

Diversity and Integration

This S.A.V.E. workshop encourages participants to rethink their perspective on diversity and integration, and to helps us better thrive with foreigners in big cities.  We touch on a journey of self re-evaluation, through games and exercises for participants to reflect on their own cultural background and the way we all interact with foreigners today. In […]

Co-exist & Collaborate

A essential part of any social impact initiative is the ability to work with others and to collaborate effectively.    This particular S.A.V.E. workshop is very interactive, allowing participants to first build trust, connection and confidence in their fellow S.A.V.E. members, through a group game or exercise conducted in the meeting room. Once the Co-exist […]

The “Curious Question” …Finding Purpose Through Volunteering

What is your “Curious Question”? Perhaps your generation today is most likely asking this question over and over again every day …  ‘What am I going to do with life’? Where do I want to go with my life? What do I want to be in 10 years from now? This workshop is a core […]