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I live in Paris

We offer programmes for people who are living in Paris to volunteer, take workshops, and get to know their city and its needs in a new and exciting way.


We offer opportunities to those who currently don't live in Paris to take our workshops from a distance, and volunteer in their own local organisations.


For volunteers interested in school credit, work credit, or those looking to advance their careers in today’s competitive job market, we offer Certification and a Letter of Testimonial for completing the SAVE Program.

Meaningful Volunteer Activities in the heart of Paris and abroad


Our workshops are taught by industry professionals and occur weekly throughout the year. Click on a workshop to learn more!

New Volunteer Training & S.A.V.E. Program Workshop

Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

Refugee Crisis in Europe

Diversity and Integration

Co-exist & Collaborate

The “Curious Question” …Finding Purpose Through Volunteering

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