The world is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and environmental crisis.   Refugees from all over the world continue to seek a better life in Europe and the United States, but need the support of others to survive when they arrive.   Many seek refuge due to the change in climate, which will dramatically increase immigration around the world.  As a result, we are confronted with humanitarian and environmental issues in our cities much more frequently.  Our involvement as volunteers in both aiding refugees, and playing a role in diminishing climate change, is more relevant now than ever. 

SAVE is all about making sure volunteers are more educated and more experienced, to make a bigger impact of change in their communities.

The SAVE Member Program comprises of four key principles: Service. Action, Values, and Empowerment.   The knowledge and experience gained by focusing on these four key components, is what SAVE members capture through interactive workshops, volunteer activities, coaching, lab work, and sharing our best practices in volunteering. 

The SAVE Member Program started in Paris France where socialism is practiced in both the political and cultural infrastructure.   After working at the frontline on humanitarian and environmental issues in Paris for over 9 years, combined with the knowledge shared by other Serve the City International chapters found in over 100 cities worldwide, the SAVE program has the knowledge, tools, and resources to help volunteers become agents of change in their communities.

We invite you to join our fellow SAVE members to address these humanitarian and environmental challenges in Paris and communities worldwide. 



Each of the four SAVE principles helps steer the program to guide and facilitate the development of volunteers.   Each principle is a key ingredient in the success of helping volunteers create impact and change in our communities. 


Service is about sacrifice.   Social Impact initiatives

are all about helping other people first and foremost.

We keep this front and center in the way tackle all

humanitarian and environmental issues.

When we help others, we change as human beings.

Soon after, we learn how to help others in our

communities gain the confidence to take similar

positive actions.  Then together, we can create

the change required in our communities.

Service is a key principle in both our own

personal development and the development

of others.  We lead by example, by servicing

others and the environment.


No good social impact initiative is purely theoretical,

and you won’t change much if you’re not willing to

get out there and experience the challenges of others

We believe taking action early in the process is a major

step to discovering solutions and remedies for today’s

humanitarian and environmental challenges. The first

32 hours of volunteering is what the SAVE program

requires from it’s volunteers to at least build a base of

experience and knowledge, in order to  initiate the idea

of change or impact in one’s community.


There is preparation and direction behind

every great idea or action.  Behind this is

idea or action, is a compass of values that

orient our direction.  When we are able to

reflect upon our value structure, even when

we are unsure how to proceed, our values

help us to act meaningfully in the projects

in which we participate. Then we are much

more effective in the projects we engage in.

In all SAVE activities and workshops, we

discuss, and most importantly, carry out

the very values we as volunteers possess.


Confidence is critical to making change and

impact. Confidence is also critical when

empowering others to make change.

Confidence can be achieved by having

a strong sense of purpose. Those who have a

strong sense of purpose achieve their goals.

The program aims to empower volunteers by

helping them find their sense of purpose

and how to use it to lead and create
positive social impact in a community. Once

a volunteer is empowered with a sense of

purpose, they can empower others too.