The S.A.V.E. Member Program is opened to those who live abroad and want to make a change in their own community.

Paris is where it all started..in a country where socialism is embedded in the culture, our local activities have helped shape the S.A.V.E. Member Program for others abroad.  S.A.V.E. workshops and our coaching sessions are all on-line.  Volunteer activities in Paris can be replicated in your city.  You can join a volunteer activity with your local city NGO, or with one of the international chapters Serve the City International has in over 50+ cities worldwide.

As a network of change-agents, we are more than happy to support you in paving your own unique path to make things happen in your own city and community.  And of course our door is open for you to join us in Paris at anytime. We create guided experiences for you to enjoy the real Paris.


Flexible Online Workshops

We offer five key online and classroom workshops each month where our members can learn about humanitarian and environmental topics. We also support change-agents by offering a unique approach in “making sense” of the world through taking action and challenging one’s assumption.  It is important for us as an association that all volunteers are clear with their own WHY in making an impact. Workshops facilated by our Serve the City’s leadership team and network are designed to be fun, interactive and engaging.


Experience The Real  Paris

Paris is a magnificent city, famous for its romance, its architecture and its art. While all this is true, there are sides of it which remain hidden. If you come, we want you to experience the invisible side of Paris and make a positive impact. To ensure this, we’ll guide you to join our volunteering activities, learn from your experience and contribute to the well-being of the less-privileged. Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to do your volunteering hours in your own community.


Developing Your Capstone Project

Developing your own capstone project is a way for you to engage in a guided reflection and sense-making experience with our network.  The goal is to empower you as change-agent to identify your unique mission and how it may best serves your community. We bring together knowledge from our social leaders and the best practice of volunteering. We encourage you to gain clarity in any real issues at hand.  Big ideas coming out from any capstone projects maybe recommended into the SAVE lab.


Certification & Testimonial

The SAVE Member Program also provides a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Testimonial to compliment a CV, or for credit for work or school to help our S.A.V.E. Members  advance their careers in today’s competitive job market.  Companies and schools are always looking for more well rounded candidate, who has proof and a testimonial to the time & energy dedicated to volunteering, understanding inclusive culture & diversity, and helping those in need.

What we offer?

If you live abroad in a city where people are in need, SAVE Member Program allows you to build your credentials and knowledge about volunteering and creating social impact in your own neighbourhood.  All of our interactive workshops are on-line.  You also have the ability to teach English to refugees in our online language exchange sessions.

The main goal of the program is to offer you concrete guidance and support to become a bigger change-agent of purpose and mission with your community. Being part of this global network allows you to work closer with our leadership team and fellow members of the program online. Our supports will take in formats such as exclusive workshops, peer-to-peer coaching and 1-1 consultation for you to develop your own capstone project. We also welcome new creative initiatives beyond our current volunteering activities.

Once you sign up for the program, we will talk to you about how you can confirm your participation of 32 hours of volunteer work in your own city, while taking our SAVE workshops, and more information about developing your own capstone project.


Each SAVE member who completes the SAVE program in Paris or abroad, will receive the following:

  1. Find your unique mission and the impact that you can make.
  2. Guidance to develop your own Capstone Project through coaching and feedback sessions.
  3. Advocate your social initiatives among other volunteers and Serve the City’s social network internationally.
  4. Connect with like-minded SAVE Members to co-create social impact projects
  5. Access to unlimited (on-line and in-person) workshops free-of-charge
  6. Exclusive Invitations to SAVE Member-only workshops, events and SAVE conferences.
  7. Participation in SAVE Member-only volunteer activities.
  8. Receive mentoring from Subject Matter Experts and peer-to-peer guidance
  9. Opportunity to further develop your Capstone Project through our SAVE Lab, to bring your ideas or social initiatives into self-sustainable venture.
  10. Receive a Serve the City “Certificate of Completion” and a letter of Testimonial.

2-Steps Application Process

The program application is in two steps.  First, you have to complete the application form.  And then you have to cover the kickoff fee.

Please feel free to contact us at save@servethecity.paris if your have further questions. Or if you wish to take an individual SAVE workshop without being part of our larger network, it can be paid for through our donation page.

*Fee will remains as 50euros donation for our daily volunteering activities during the pandemic year. From 2021 onwards, it will be set at the standard price of 150euros (with financial aid supports for motivated candidates upon request).

All payments are recorded as a tax free ‘donation’ that goes towards the administration and support of all Serve the City humanitarian programs, activities, courses and expenses related to humanitarian needs.