To participate in S.A.V.E., a 50 Euro donation is requested, which covers not only the costs of the S.A.V.E program, but your donation will help cover the costs of all Serve the City Paris humanitarian projects.

The 50 Euro donation fee guarantees you unlimited S.A.V.E. workshops (at least 4 are required to complete the S.A.V.E. program) and an unlimited number of volunteer activities (at least 32 hours of volunteer activities are required to complete the S.A.V.E. program).

You will also receive your S.A.V.E. Program Certification of Benevolence, a Letter of Testimonial, and the posting (according to your approval) of your Reflection Project on the Serve the City Social Media channels.

Why Give To Serve The City Paris?

Serve the City Paris does not receive funding from the French government, or any government entity.  We depend on the financial donations of people like you, and the endless dedication of time from our volunteers to help those in need.

The S.A.V.E. Program is designed to take volunteers and help turn them into ‘super volunteers’ (or what we like to call ‘Change Agents’). The S.A.V.E. workshops and organized activities are designed to provide the knowledge and experience to bring meaning to the act of volunteering.

Our financial support comes from our S.A.V.E. Program, our CSR activities (team-building events), fundraisers and private donations.  We rely on donations from people and organizations to run programs for the homeless, asylum seekers, and those who are marginalized and need food, training, comfort and support.

If you have seen the positive impact of our S.A.V.E. program, or the impact of volunteering, why not make a financial donation to provide Serve the City with the materials, resources to make a change?

(Online Payments are processed through STRIPE.  See www.stripe.com)

Donate via Bank Transfer

Here is the information for a bank transfer if that is more convenient for you. Please consider setting up a standing order.

Serve the City Paris
7 Rue Cochin
Paris 75005
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 08014346730

IBAN: FR76 1751 5900 0008 0143 4673 029


Other relevant information:


Code Etabl: 17515

Code Guichet: 90000

RIB: 29


*Each euro counts and you can transform the lives of the people we serve by giving to us.

If you would like to make a donation to Servethecity.paris S.A.V.E. Program